Jane Jensen’s Pinkerton Road Studio Remaking Gabriel Knight: Sins Of The Fathers

Posted on November 30, 2013 at 7:18 am

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers is ready to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The purpose-and-click adventure was designed by Jane Jensen and published by Sierra On-Line. Jensen’s new studio, Pinkerton Road, is handling the remake.

The title was the primary in a chain of third-person adventures featuring an author that follows the investigation of a chain of murders. The title happens in New Orleans, and the remake features updated art and re-orchestrated music in addition to behind-the-scenes material.

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the daddy would be released on PC, Mac, iPad, and Android in mid-2014. Pinkerton Road’s first title, Moebius, is scheduled to reach before the top of 2013.

[Source: Pinkerton Road]

Our Take
As keen on the genre, I’m excited to work out a resurgence. Not just are there fantastic new titles from developers like Telltale Games, but remakes like this may occasionally bring the good storytelling of the Gabriel Knight series to a brand new audience.

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Thor: The Dark World Gets A Mobile Game Tie-In

Posted on November 30, 2013 at 5:42 am

Since the start of the games industry, the console market was flooded every summer with cheap movie tie-ins. That every one changed many years ago because the marketplace for those sort of games collapsed. Movie studios ever desirous to make a fast buck off of clueless parents then turned to mobile, and almost every major Hollywood blockbuster now has its own mobile game.

I open with that only to alert you that Marvel’s latest cinematic effort – Thor: The Dark World – may be getting its own mobile game from Gameloft. In an ideal world, a personality like Thor would receive a near perfect game that plays like Batman: Arkham Asylum through which he beats down baddies left and right together with his mighty hammer. Instead, we get this:

What is happening in that trailer? Is it an action RPG like Diablo, or is it a MOBA like League of Legends? The Gameloft press release doesn’t really say. All we all know is that players will tackle the role of Thor and lead a bunch of warriors against the invading dark elf forces in over 100 missions.

Oh, and the sport will incorporate social elements in addition to microtransactions. In other words, you’ll need to beg friends for help so as to progress, otherwise you should purchase your approach to victory. The sole redeeming feature here’s that the sport was apparently written by Thor: The Dark World screenwriter Christopher Yost.

If you have to give it a shot, the mobile tie-in to this November’s Thor: The Dark World could be available on iOS and Android alongside the theatrical debut.

[Image: GamesNewsOfficial/YouTube]

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New ‘GTA Online’ Update Brings it Towards Working

Posted on November 29, 2013 at 11:34 am

When Grand Theft Auto Online was launched last week, the service was so crowded that many (if not most) players couldn’t actually play the sport. Developer Rockstar issued a patch for the sport within days, but players were still suffering from playability issues. Serious issues inclusive of disappearing characters, network errors, and missing money or experience were making the GTA Online look like a large number for over per week.

Rockstar has now issued one more update for the sport, promising “technical fixes, tweaks, and enhancements” that ought to improve player experiences. Most significantly, Rockstar claims to have fixed the glitches causing characters to vanish. Other fixes include errors that prevented missions from completing, in addition to issues that were causing the sport to never load fully. The full list of fixes from Rockstar’s newswire:

  • Fixes multiple issues causing character deletion or other lack of progress
  • Fixes issues causing infinite loading, infinite sky cams, and missing interface options between jobs
  • Fixes a difficulty causing the “replay” technique to be locked out on certain jobs
  • Fixes a subject matter where a player would become stuck within the mod garage when respraying a Sanchez motor bike
  • Fixes a controversy where the Player became stuck inside Los Santos Customs during Online tutorial flow
  • Fixes a topic causing the lack of guns and ammo
  • Fixes issues causing GTA races ending early due to players spawning too far ahead
  • Fixes issues in Last Team Standing where sessions does not progress past the lobby
  • Fixes issues with network errors when joining Last Team Standing using Quick Job
  • Added clarifications around when a player is using a brief character in GTA Online during Rockstar Cloud server outages
  • Adjusts the monetary penalty for being killed in a One on One match

The update has already been pushed out for PlayStation 3 owners, and will appear for the Xbox 360 sometime today.

In its blog post, Rockstar also issued an apology to players who had lost characters or progress due to glitches. The developer also strongly means that players save their game before quitting by exiting to the only-player mode of Grand Theft Auto V.

(Image courtesy Rockstar)

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Opinion: What Are You Talking About? That did not Happen

Posted on November 29, 2013 at 6:12 am

This past weekend, some of the editors watched Gravity (and we weren’t alone, apparently). After desirous about the film for several days, i used to be desirous to discuss it with my co-workers. All of us picked at different nits, but all of us eventually agreed that it was an awesome movie and that we were glad that we watched it. We weren’t all on the same screenings, but our viewing experiences were similar. All of us watched it in 3D at IMAX theaters. The film lasted about 90 minutes, and (I assume) we sat mostly still and silent as we watched the story unfold. 

A few hours after our movie discussion, people started passing along a link from Salon. The writer had some fairly provocative things to say about The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – not surprising, considering the headline “The Legend of Zelda is Classist, Sexist and Racist.”

I have to admit, it’s been a while since I last played Ocarina, but one particular portion in the essay stood out to me:

“…[In] the game, domestication is portrayed as a mutually beneficial, voluntary arrangement. The anthropomorphized cows of Hyrule speak to Link, literally saying, ‘Have some of my refreshing and nutritious milk!’ Of course depicting a relationship as anything like symbiotic when one party kills and eats the other, as well as the latter’s children, would be laughable if it weren’t so appalling.”

This part stuck out not because of the creepiness of a talking cow enjoying this questionable relationship (if you take that argument), but because I don’t remember the cows in Ocarina ever talking. I don’t doubt that they do, but I don’t know that they did in my game. And that’s probably because I never tried talking to a cow when I played.

I won’t spoil anything about Gravity (you should see it), but a few people have complained about the way that physics are bent to accommodate the story. Fair enough. I can understand that argument, and that i can see how a person can choose a side. If a person told me they didn’t like the movie because the scene that took place on the surface of the sun is a bit silly, however, I would have been confused since no such scene appears. I know that, with few exceptions, movies are what they are. While you can debate meaning and argue your interpretation of what was shown, film is linear. Even if I didn’t see Gravity in a nice theater, the content of the film would be the same. When you watch a movie, you’re going to talk to every cow. You might interpret her words one way or another, but that conversation is going to happen.

As we all know, games are an entirely different beast. You can agree with the Salon essay or not, but there’s a possibility that you didn’t even know about some of the things that the author is taking issue with – simply because you didn’t talk to certain characters or interact with specific objects.

I encountered something similar when the first wave of Grand Theft Auto V reviews hit. The UK’s International Business Times gave the game a 7, citing, among other things, a general lowbrow tone. I can’t argue with that interpretation, but once again, the specific example was confusing. The author, Edward Smith, says a mission begins with Michael meeting up with Trevor. Trevor is, within the inimitable English way of phrasing it, “doing a poo,” and Smith complains that it’s not mentioned again. Another writer, Tom Chick, mentions the same scene in his excellent essay on the sport’s take on torture. The thing is, that didn’t happen once I played that mission. I don’t doubt that the scene was as gross as Rockstar had intended, but I just walked within the front door as another character, bypassing the sequence entirely.

My Trevor is an unrepentant scoundrel, a hair-triggered psychopath, and a possible cannibal. But an alleyway defecator? Not in my game. Not my Trevor.

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Pokemon X/Y Are The Highlights During this Week’s Nintendo Download

Posted on November 28, 2013 at 12:52 pm

After the entire hype, Nintendo and Game Freak are finally unleashing Pokemon X and Pokemon Y upon the area. Will this latest game within the franchise evolve the series in a meaningful way? You’ll should discover for yourself this weekend because the game launches on Saturday.

In the newest Nintendo eShop update, Nintendo notes that Pokemon X and Pokemon Y should be available as a digital download at the Nintendo eShop day and date with the retail release on Saturday. Which means those of you without access to a retail store can just hop onto the eShop and start downloading it in the dead of night on October 12.

If Pokemon is just not your thing, you will have a variety of other options available to you this week in the course of the Nintendo eShop. The 1st is Aqua Motor Racing 3D – a waterski racing game that appears like it’s trying too hard to be Wave Race. Up next is Escape From Zombie City – a top down shooter with generic aesthetics. The third is Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked – a remake of the unique 2009 SRPG critical darling. Finally, the fishing fans available in the market can enjoy Super Blackbass 3D – the name says all of it.

Unfortunately, there’s not rather a lot on the market for Wii U owners today. All you get is 2 virtual console titles from the NES – Tennis and Golf. Both games are incredibly simplistic, but i suppose you are able to wring about a nostalgia-filled hours out of them if you’re really hankering for an arcade sports game experience.

[Image: pokemon/YouTube]

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Star Citizen Fundraising Crosses The $21 Million Mark

Posted on November 28, 2013 at 5:33 am

And to think, people said space combat simulations were dead. Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts continues to defy expectations together with his return to the genre, Star Citizen. The cash keeps pouring in for this crowdfunded project, which just crossed the $21 million mark.

Thanks to reaching this stretch goal, the team at Robert Space Industries is increasing the scope of salvaging to make it an entire-fledged career path on par with exploration and piracy. If it reaches the $22 million mark, the studio will integrate facial capture recognition to take advantage of for populating its worlds.

Star Citizen is anticipated to unveil its persistent universe in late 2014, with several modular releases planned within the interim. Do not be surprised if this release window widens somewhat because the team continues so as to add new features. You may learn more in regards to the project in our lengthy interview with Chris Roberts. To work out how much progress the studio has made this past year, visit their homepage on Thursday to observe a livestream featuring many of the latest additions to the ambitious project. 

Our Take
Much just like the adventure genre, it’s nice to determine space combat simulators get a brand new lease on life due to crowd funding. Now the onus is on Chris Roberts and team to live as much as the lofty expectations of these who’ve longed to play this kind of game again.   

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GTA 5 Awarded 7 Guinness World Records

Posted on November 27, 2013 at 5:30 am

It was almost a on the grounds that Grand Theft Auto V would break some variety of record. Its predecessor, Grand Theft Auto IV, broke sales records when it was released back in 2008 and the hype for GTA V this year was quite possibly even higher than for that classic.

Sure enough, sales of GTA V took off on day one with greater than $800 million in revenue. That figure had easily hit $1 billion by the weekend. Those amazing sales numbers have now earned GTA V a spot within the Guinness World Record book – six times over.

The Guinness World Records organization this week awarded GTA V six different world records, them all involving the rate with which the sport sold. A seventh record was also awarded to the sport in line with its official trailer, which Guinness World Records says is the “most viewed” trailer for an action-adventure game. Listed below are the records, a number of which put GTA V above even movies an music:

  • Best-selling action-adventure videogame in 24 hours
  • Best-selling videogame in 24 hours
  • Fastest entertainment property to gross $1 billion
  • Fastest videogame to gross $1 billion
  • Highest grossing videogame in 24 hours
  • Highest revenue generated by an entertainment product in 24 hours
  • Most viewed trailer for an action-adventure videogame

“GTA totally deserves to be recognized as an icon of contemporary British culture, and we’re thrilled with the intention to feature the sport within the record books,” said Craig Glenday, editor-in-chief of Guinness World Records. “Gaming is not any longer a gap hobby, as GTA 5 has proved, and the way exciting that it’s taken at the might of Hollywood and won! I’m also doubly proud as a Dundonian to welcome this home-grown series back into the Guinness World Records book.”

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Quadrilateral Cowboy Wins Top Award At 2013 IndieCade Festival

Posted on November 27, 2013 at 5:17 am

IndieCade has announced the winners at its 2013 festival, with the Grand Jury Award going to the Quadrilateral Cowboy. The puzzle game, expected to release later this year, puts players into the role of a hacker within the 1980s. Critical darling Gone Home also took home an award for best audio while Kentucky Route Zero won for visuals and story/world design.

The IndieCade Festival, held every October in L. a., previews many of the most promising independent games of the year and honors the proper ones. Past IndieCade awards have gone to Botanicula (2012), Fez (2011), and Limbo (2010). 

The full list of 2013 winners:

  • Grand Jury Award: Quadrilateral Cowboy – Blendo Games
  • Visuals: Kentucky Route Zero – Cardboard Computer
  • Audio: Gone Home – The Fullbright Company
  • Impact: Dog Eat Dog – Liwanag Press
  • Interaction: Spaceteam – Henry Smith
  • Game Design: NIDHOGG – MESSHOF
  • Technology: Spin the Bottle: Bumpie’s Party – KnapNok Games & Redgrim
  • Story/World Design: Kentucky Route Zero – Cardboard Computer
  • Special Recognition: Porpentine’s Twine Compilation – Porpentine
  • The Trailblazers Award: Tracy Fullerton
  • Game Changer Award: Anna Anthropy
  • Developers Choice Award: Killer Queen Arcade –  Joshua DeBonis & Nikita Mikros
  • Audience Choice Award:  Slash Dash –  Nevernaut
  • Media Choice Award: TowerFall – Matt Makes Games

Our Take
It’s good to have an event like IndieCade to polish a focus on great independent games. Hopefully, these games and developers gets the popularity they deserve. i do know that i’ll definitely play Gone Home once possible and my interest in Quadrilateral Cowboy has grown quickly within the last two days.

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Capcom’s Strider Sequel Gets a brand new Trailer

Posted on November 26, 2013 at 3:29 pm

Capcom surprised everyone earlier this year at San Diego Comic-Con when it revealed that a sequel to Strider was within the works. Excitement soon gave to technique to skepticism, however, as it’s been over a decade because the last game inside the series was released. It didn’t help matters either when Capcom revealed that Double Helix Games was developing it.

Despite this initial skepticism, the most recent trailer for the sport does a pleasant job of convincing gamers that this new Strider is the true deal. All fans could ever want from a brand new Strider game is here after which some. The visuals seem getting it wonderful in addition.

Strider would be released in early 2014 for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. The sport can be skipping the Wii U for now, however the development team has said it’s certainly achievable if the demand is there. If the present petition inquiring for a Wii U version of Strider is any indication, you may not like to get your hopes up.

[Image: PlayStation/YouTube]

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Microsoft Director Of Product Planning Clarifies Automatic Achievement Recording Details

Posted on November 26, 2013 at 5:34 am

Yesterday we shared with you a video wherein a Microsoft representative claimed that the Xbox One will automatically record video of all your achievements. That isn’t exactly accurate.

The information was corrected on NeoGAF by Albert Penello, Microsoft’s director of product planning. We confirmed that the individual claiming to be Penello on NeoGAF is, the truth is, him.

“It won’t be automatic for each Achievement,” Penello writes. “It is a feature that Developers can unlock for achievements, OR, as an instance, have hidden within the game for doing something cool or discovering something hidden. Basically we allow developers access to GameDVR and that they can put conditions on an automated recording.” 

We also received this comment from Microsoft clarifying the problem.

“Xbox One keeps a rolling record of your most up-to-date gameplay, and there are two main ways for this video to be captured by Game DVR,” a Microsoft representative told us. “First, game developers mark ‘greatest clips’ that happen in the game that represent fun and engaging moments within gameplay, equivalent to once you unlock certain Achievements. Additionally, you may as well issue commands, with either your voice or the controller, to capture interesting moments you wish to record or that just happened.”

While it’s conceivable that developers could mounted their games to automatically record all achievements, it is not a blanket feature.

Our Take
While many cheered the undeniable fact that all of our achievements will be cataloged, the reality actually has more potential. Triggering during key moments of the sport in addition some achievements (possibly all, if a developer chooses) is a broader use of the DVR’s capability. I’m wanting to see how here is implemented and just hope that we do not turn out with thousands of cookie-cutter clips.

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