Watch Dogs Delayed Until Spring 2014 On All Platforms

Posted on December 21, 2013 at 10:02 am

Since its E3 2012 unveiling, Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs was a better-gen game to observe. Not just did it show what next-gen consoles were able to visually, nevertheless it also showed us a brand new type of gameplay that was radically different from anything we’d ever seen before. Now those next-gen ambitions had been wear hold as even the mighty Watch Dogs has shown that it’s not resistant to the last minute delay.

Ubisoft announced today on its blog that Watch Dogs have been delayed until spring 2014 on all platforms. That suggests even the present-gen versions of Watch Dogs at the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U won’t make it in time for the vacations.

So, why was Watch Dogs, a game that was scheduled to launch in an insignificant four weeks, delayed on the last minute? Ubisoft says it’s all about ensuring the sport lives as much as all of the hype:

We know plenty of you’re probably wondering: Why now? We struggled with whether we’d delay the sport. But from the start, we have now adopted the perspective that we’ll not compromise on quality. As we got towards release, as every part of the puzzle were falling into place in our last push before completion, it became clear to us that we would have liked to take the additional time to shine and fine tune each detail so one can deliver a really memorable and exceptional experience.

This is undoubtedly a significant bummer to the whole gamers who had pre-ordered Watch Dogs for the PS4 and Xbox One. The excellent news is that there’s plenty more games coming at launch for both consoles to maintain you satiated. Truly, Ubisoft’s other open world next-gen launch title, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, continues to be slated to launch alongside each next gen console. It’s certainly no near-futuristic Chicago, but a pirate adventure is the one open world game you’re going to get on next gen consoles this year.

Oh, and in case you happened to pre-order a type of PS4 or Xbox One bundles that came with Watch Dogs, it is advisable read Kotaku’s report at the fate of your bundle

[Image: Ubisoft/YouTube]

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Kingdom Hearts III Gameplay Debuts At D23 Expo

Posted on December 20, 2013 at 9:26 am

At E3, Square Enix announced that Kingdom Hearts III was finally in development for the PS4 and Xbox One. The announcement was accompanied by a trailer that was pre-rendered target footage of what they desired to achieve with the hot title. Now Square Enix has released a brand new trailer at D23 Expo Japan that shows the 1st real gameplay footage.

In this primary gameplay trailer, you’ll find that the combat has become decidedly more cinematic. Thankfully, it appears like they ditched the “Press Triangle to Win” mechanic that was so prevalent in Kingdom Hearts II. Instead, it feels like the cinematic actions that were once reserved just for finishing moves look like the norm within the latest title, and that’s just a great thing.

It must also be noted that the team seems fooling around with what the keyblade can actually do. In preference to just getting new keyblades that modify its appearance, Sora can instead transform the keyblade into two guns for ranged attacks. There’ll undoubtedly be other kinds available in addition.

It goes without saying, but the entire above footage is quite early. i actually do hope we get something like that during the general product though. i used to be especially keen on the Rock Titan fight while riding the enormous Thunder Mountain Railroad attraction. In truth, it almost feels like we’d actually get a Walt Disney Land or World level, and that will be just swell.

Oh, and if you’re new to this complete Kingdom Hearts business, Square Enix has you covered. It released Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX last month, and may be releasing Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX at the PS3 next year. Both titles have all of the information you want to realize that the tale makes absolutely no sense.

[Image: PlayStation/YouTube]

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Here’s The primary PlayStation 4 TV Spot (And It’s A Musical)

Posted on December 19, 2013 at 1:17 pm

We’re now officially just one month far from the launch of the PlayStation 4 on November 15. Now it’s time for Sony to begin revving up the promoting machine though launch PS4 units were sold out for months now. That’s unlikely to forestall Sony from getting the word out though, especially when that word is expressed through song.

In the primary PlayStation 4 TV spot, Sony continues its marketing trend of getting normal, everyday gamers taking up the extreme roles within their games. On this ad, our two gamers hop and skip across three games – The Elder Scrolls Online, DriveClub and Killzone: Shadow Fall.

In short, it’s a very good ad. The singing might have been better, but hey, Sony is highlighting the truth that most gamers are only normal dudes who can’t afford proper singing lessons. It’s far better if we will relate to them, right? In fact, i might feel just a little intimidated if Sony was selling the PS4 with the voices of opera singers.

While The Elder Scrolls Online won’t be a PS4 launch title, any other two titles on show within the above ad are. So that it will know what else is launching with the PS4, have a look at this useful list. There’s numerous to select from and that i can only hope Sony makes another musical ad inspired by many of the other launch games, like Watch Dogs.

[Image: PlayStation/YouTube]

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Candy Crush Saga Brings Its Addictive Gameplay To Kindle Fire Devices

Posted on December 18, 2013 at 2:15 pm

Candy Crush Saga has become a poster child of the mobile gaming explosion that’s been occurring since 2009. Unlike other games that were simply fads, Candy Crush Saga has enjoyed a virtually limitless amount of recognition since launching early last year. Since then, the sport has migrated to almost each platform, except Amazon’s Kindle Fire. That changes today.

King announced today that Candy Crush Saga will devour the wallets of Kindle Fire players starting today in select territories. The match-3 puzzler will then be available all over on October 17, including the Kindle Fire HDX.

“We’ve had such positive feedback from players regarding King’s first Kindle Fire title, Bubble Witch Saga, that we now feel the time is true to bring Candy Crush Saga to Kindle Fire fans,” said Tommy Palm, Games Guru at King. “The Kindle Fire is a good device with which to benefit from the Candy Crush Saga gameplay and, with levels regularly added by the King team, we are hoping to maintain Kindle Fire owners entertained each day.”

Candy Crush Saga will remain unchanged in its move to Kindle Fire, however the press release doesn’t mention if the Kindle Fire version will support Amazon’s digital currency – Amazon Coins. We’ve reached out to Amazon to determine and could update this story once we know more. UPDATE: It is going to support Amazon Coins at launch.

“We are thrilled that King is bringing their highly regarded title Candy Crush Saga to the Amazon Appstore and around the entire line up of Kindle Fire tablets, including the hot Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HDX,” said Aaron Rubenson, Director of Amazon Appstore. “All Kindle Fire tablet owners can now explore the sweet and vibrant world of Candy Crush, giving customers much more easy methods to engage with considered one of their favorite games.”

While Candy Crush Saga might be launching in select territories today, it doesn’t look like live to tell the tale the U.S. Amazon Appstore yet. That probably means U.S. Kindle Fire owners should wait until October 17 to get their candy crushing on.

[Image: King]

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Angry Birds Go! Rovio’s New Racing Game Launches Dec 11

Posted on December 17, 2013 at 2:52 pm

Rovio has just announced the official launch date for Angry Birds Go!, the company’s new 3D racing game. We’ll leave the entire Mario Kart comments to you.

“Feel the frenzy as you fling those freewheeling birds and piggies down the track at breakneck speed, with a considerable number of twists and turns in an exhilarating race to the finish line!” says Rovio. “But look out for hazardous roads, mischievous opponents riding your tail, and special powers to place the race leader behind the pack. And go from soapbox car to supercar by upgrading your ride!”

“Plus, the Angry Birds world comes alive in rich, colorful 3D for the 1st time ever! So that you can see the birds and pigs from every angle and experience Piggy Island in a very good new way!”

The game with launch on iOS and Android on December 11th.

Rovio also announced a handful of recent partnerships with companies like Hasbro, Tigerprint, Fashion UK, and Leomil for a wide range of Angry Birds-themed merchandise. Angry Birds has grown into this sort of global name that it’s not only concerning the games anymore – the true revenue obviously comes from these merch deals.

“We are thrilled to work out rather a lot creativity around our Angry Birds property and can’t wait to welcome these companies onboard as we continue to thrill our fans with innovative product lines,” said Naz Cuevas, SVP Global Consumer Products Licensing.

Image via Angry Birds GO!

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Here’s How The buddies App Works On Xbox One

Posted on December 16, 2013 at 8:30 am

Friends are a great portion of any online community, and Xbox Live was some of the first online communities to attach console gamers together. Not plenty has changed since then, in spite of the move to the Xbox 360, however the Xbox One can be introducing some major changes.

This morning, Xbox’ Major Nelson gave us a walkthrough of the recent Friends App at the Xbox One. It’s just like your pals list at the Xbox 360, but you are able to do much more now. For example, friends on Xbox Live now work plenty like a Twitter. You could send somebody a pal request, and doing so will make you a follower. That person can then either you follow you back, or condemn to a lifetime of only following their footsteps.

The profile page also will receive a hefty upgrade at the Xbox One with a screen that details a person’s variety of friends, their variety of followers and the way good of a name they’ve. From this screen, you too can send them a message, invite them to a celebration or maybe add them in your favorites.

Speaking of which, the favorites list is a brand new feature of Xbox Live that enables players to feature their super special friends to a separate list. You possibly can consider this favorites list because the people it’s essential to stalk interact with most.

With the chums App, Microsoft hopes to make Xbox Live more personal. You can too use snap view to increase a sidebar of what your folks are doing at any time – even during a game. So that it will surely be an invaluable addition to those that wish to see what their friends are doing with no need to exit the sport currently being played.

[Image: xbox/YouTube]

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Enslaved: Odyssey To The West Premium PC And PS3 Edition Coming Soon

Posted on December 15, 2013 at 2:12 pm

Ninja Theory’s re-telling of the classic Chinese tale Journey to the West is getting a premium re-release on PC and PlayStation 3 this month. The scoop of the Enslaved: Odyssey to the West re-release was confirmed by Namco Bandai in speaking with Polygon.

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West features motion capture by Andy Serkis (best known for his role as Gollum within the Lord of the Rings) as Monkey. The title features platforming and combat in a post-apocalyptic world dominated by machines.

No exact release date or pricing has yet been announced.

[Source: Polygon]

Our Take
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West was a shocking game that was rich in narrative. The ending was definitely worth the journey, or even though the sport had its flaws, it’s worth playing. There has been DLC released that makes a speciality of the nature Pigsy, and that i expect that this version will include that.

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Call Of Duty: Ghosts TV Spot Makes Colonoscopies Funny

Posted on December 15, 2013 at 10:04 am

The colonoscopy is an unfortunately reality for men over the age of 40. The particular practice isn’t funny in any respect, nevertheless it could be when combined with sound effects.

In the television spot for Call of Duty: Ghosts, a variety people regale their tales of heroism and combat in everyday situations. It’s a decidedly different tackle the assumption of everybody being a soldier that was seen in last year’s TV spot for Call of Duty: Black Ops II. While it will lack the star power of Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis, it makes up for it with one word – “Faboom.”

Check it out:

Besides making light of a preventative medical practice, Call of Duty: Ghosts boasts several improvements, including better support for clans and dedicated servers on all platforms.

Call of Duty: Ghosts launches Nov. 5 for Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Wii U. It’ll even be available on November 15 for the PS4 and November 22 for the Xbox One.

[Image: Xbox/YouTube]

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Disney Infinity Wants Your Spookiest Creations

Posted on December 14, 2013 at 9:37 am

One of Disney Infinity’s big selling points is its Toy Box mode, which permits players to construct their very own levels and adventures, and share them with other players. Disney was encouraging that sort of creativity with a sequence of community challenges. The most recent one gives players another reason to make something spooky, just in time for Halloween.

That can be something as focused because the spookiest haunted house of all time, or something more expansive, like some variety of unending nightmare world. Or it may be something more sedate, like a freaky pumpkin deathmatch dungeon. It’s as much as you and your creative capabilities. In case you do need to have your contribution called out and shared by Disney, it’s a must to submit your entry by October 16. If you are in search of some additional Halloween inspiration, the Jack Skellington figurine was released last week.

Take a glance on the video below to look the winning entries from the former Toy Boy Challenge, which was all about castles. In case you see any that you would desire to play, ensure you download them for your game and check them out for yourself.

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Here’s How Multiplayer Is Changing On Xbox One

Posted on December 14, 2013 at 6:22 am

Xbox Live have been the defining feature on Xbox 360 as millions of players hop online each day to play games with friends and strangers from worldwide. In order to remain an analogous at the Xbox One, but Microsoft is introducing some new features to be able to make Xbox Live even better.

As previously revealed, the core of the brand new Xbox Live multiplayer experience is centered around reputation. As you play online, people could be ready to rate their experience with you, and your reputation will go up or down accordingly. From there, you’ll be paired with other players of like reputations so that you not need to play games with the fewer savory folks locally.

Another big change coming to multiplayer is devoted servers and cloud processing. For the previous, Microsoft says that each video game on Xbox Live will now be hosted via a dedicated server. That suggests less lag and not more cheating throughout. As for cloud processing, Xbox One developers shall be in a position to offload some computations, like AI processing, onto Microsoft’s servers to extend performance.

Finally, the Xbox team may be introducing some major changes to achievements on Xbox One. For starters, achievements lists aren’t any longer static. For the lifetime of the sport, developers can introduce as many achievements as they need. Most of these new achievements will even fall into new categories, like Challenge Achievements or Community Achievements. As an example, a developer may introduce an achievement in a racing game that challenges the community to succeed in 5 billion miles driven. Once that goal is reached, every player that participated will receive the achievement.

Xbox Live has always been an excellent online service, but Microsoft looks to be finally turning it right into a great online community with the Xbox One. For more on that, investigate the Xbox team’s breakdown of the brand new Friends App for Xbox Live.

[Image: xbox/YouTube]

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