Nintendo Wii U: The problem of public imag

Posted on January 20, 2015 at 6:35 pm

Nintendo are famous for a number of things; Mario, Pokemon and the Gameboy in particular. They are also a company that has been extremely successful in a number of areas as well, especially in the hardware sector. The Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Wii and the original gameboy models have sold millions worldwide, and helped to make Nintendo an enormous profit in the process.

Nintendo’s most recent home hardware device is the Nintendo Wii U, and it’s had a troubled existence so far. The name of the console has failed to ignite public imagination; with many people confused as to whether this is simply an upgrade of the old machine. It looks extremely similar, but comes with a tablet control as well – again, with many questioning whether or not its simply an add on to the original Wii. With some more sensible planning, and additional third party support, the Wii U could have been a strong contender. Instead it’s falling by the wayside.

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