Fable Anniversary: Remaking the classic

Posted on March 22, 2015 at 8:37 pm

One of the most recent phenomenon in gaming is the need and desire for people to remake or remaster classic games from the past. Some of the game that are being remastered, though, are not exactly old, or not exactly classic. Some games that are a couple of years old are seeing HD versions released on current generation consoles, however Fable: Anniversary is one game that falls somewhere in the middle. Released for the original Xbox, and later PC, Fable was the first game in a role playing game series that promised consequence and direct reactions to any decision you make.

This version of the game has received mixed reviews from both journalists and from players. With many people talking about how this version is an improvement graphically and not much else, while other remasters include downloadable content and fixes and changes that weren’t present in the original version. This version is, at least, on sale frequently.

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