Battlefield 4: A resurgence

Posted on November 30, 2015 at 9:07 am

My friends are all online right now playing some games. Well, I use the plural, but in truth they are only playing one game. That game is not new, it has not had any massive content updates recently, but Battlefield 4 has quickly worked its way back onto our hard drives and into our hearts. It was always a strange thing for me to see, though, when people stick with games for a longer period of time – especially multiplayer titles.
People find one game that clicks with them, the ebb and flow of the action, the graphics, the maps, the community – whatever the reason people stick with multiplayer games for several years, sometimes even longer. Battlefield 4 might not be that old, but the player count is still quite high – people are enjoying the game now more than ever and my friends are no different. In fact, if I was not working, I would probably be online playing with them as well.

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Broforce: Emerging from EA

Posted on November 2, 2015 at 1:42 pm

Another one to chalk up to an early access success story, and this time is not a surprise at all. Broforce is a game that has slowly been getting better with every single update that has come out on Early Access – and the final release to push it to version 1.0 – was the biggest of the lot. More levels, a new lick of paint and a slick UI have taken Broforce from “good early access title” to good game. Period.


We should not be surprised though. Devolver Digital, the publishers behind the game, have a history of being consumer friendly and making some extremely intelligent business decisions (in addition to locking down some excellent titles to publish.) Credit, too, needs to fall with the developers who had a great idea and executed on it to, almost, perfection. The game been extremely successful during that early access phase, but now it is out it has gained even more traction with the anti-early access brigade finally willing to jump on board.

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