No Man’s Sky: Game of 18 Quintillion Planets

Posted on August 19, 2016 at 10:28 pm

The universe of “No Man’s Sky” is massive with over 18 Quintilian possible planets to visit and explore. Players can make use of the various ships they can buy, upgrade and customise as they progress through the game, and travel through the vast universe. They will discover new worlds and the new species on those worlds and be able to name them; the changes and names given will become part of the game and be added to the main game server.

Players can also upgrade and customise weapons and advance them as they advance through the game and discover more worlds, new technologies, new species. As a side note there are guardians on the worlds and if you are caught killing the various species of animals on those worlds, they will hunt and kill you.

No Man’s Sky uses procedural generation, which is a process using maths to create random variations of the base templates, such as planets and their properties, species and their properties, etc…

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