Capcom’s Resident Evil 7 Demo Available To Download Now!

Posted on September 19, 2016 at 6:15 pm

Ok it’s an exciting time for REvil fans everywhere, the REvil 7 demo is now available online via the Playstation store, and the Capcom website. The demo features 2.7GB of downloadable content; about 8 hours of playable game depending on your gaming style.

It’s apparently going to be a lot worse than all the other REvil games previously released, and you start off investigating a story in an old haunted house with a few other colleagues, to unearth the mysteries of the disappearance of the Baker family.

Like all REvil games they start off with a degree of normal and start warping as the story develops and the further you get into the game. This one however features ghost like behaviour where stuff gets moved around literally as you turn you back at random times in the old Baker house. You have to mess around searching for stuff to get to other areas of the house, and it’s kinda been dragged on for the intro part of the game, but if you can navigate the first mono part quickly and then get dragged back into the house as you go to leave (when you finally find the key) then you can progress onto the next level of madness quicker.

You can download the demo online via the Capcom website, of via the Playstation store to your PS4™, PS3™ or PS Vita and add it to your Download Queue.

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