Titan Fall 2 Coming soon

Posted on October 9, 2016 at 5:30 am

If you loved the previous titan fall game and the utter chaos that surrounded you in the battle field with player v player carnage and death, then be prepared for a second instalment coming 28th October 2016.

Prepare for more fast-paced warfare and explore new worlds, either multi-player, or via single player-campaign. Expect to see six new titans, better customisation options, greater pilot abilities and a much more involved system of progression.

You can also step into the shoes of the solider Jack  Cooper and fight side by side with his sentient robot companion. Or play the single player campaign offline and play as a Militia Rifleman stranded behind enemy lines on the frontier, fighting to to survive. Where you must team up with veteran titans to carry out missions, and evolve your skill set as you aspire towards becoming one of the elite Titian pilots.

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