Key PS4 Features Coming Via Launch-Day Patch

Posted on January 31, 2014 at 8:54 am

For months now, Sony have been teasing an abundance of recent features for its upcoming PlayStation 4 console. Features akin to remote gameplay on PS Vitas, suspend features for games, and the functionality of the proportion button at the new DualShock controller had been touted since E3 or before. Sony today announced, however, that lots of these features should be unavailable within the stock console at launch, and may require a wide day-one patch to activate.

The update shall be available on November 15 – an identical day that the PlayStation 4 launches within the U.S. The patch will update the PS4 software to version 1.5 and could require a 300 MB download.

The features included within the patch don’t seem to be trivial. Current-generation features corresponding to online multiplayer and watching Blu-ray or DVD movies would require the update. Other extra features corresponding to multiple simultaneous user log ins, party chat, background music through Music Unlimited, and voice and face recognition for the PlayStation Camera will all require the update in addition.

As for next-gen features, remote play with a PlayStation Vita is not going to work until the patch is downloaded, and neither will the console’s ability to have interaction with mobile devices in the course of the PlayStation App. The record, screenshot, and upload capabilities enabled by that share button at the controller also will need the patch, in addition to the potential to stream gameplay through Ustream or Twitch.

At least one touted feature of the PS4 has not even made it into the patch. The suspend mode that permits the console to sleep in a low-power state and resume quickly may not be a feature at launch time.

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